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Customs Department

Services / Customs department

In Talwin, understanding the possible situations and needs of our customers, we have a Customs department that, by customizing shipments and together with our Transportation and Logistics departments, allows us to generate greater synergy and agility when it comes to service, as well as constant improvements in the development of processes related to foreign trade.

Some of our services

1. Preparation, presentation and monitoring of import clearance, shipping permits and other destinations.
2. Managing certificates and authorizations from governmental and privates agencies.
3. Product analysis for Tariff Classification.
4. Database of each client´s products, with updates os theirs respective Harmonized System Codes.
5. Calculations of fees, charges, duties, tariffs, taxes and all kinds of interventions related to a Foreign Trade operation.
6. Monitoring and coordination of each transaction.
7. Immediate communication with foreign suppliers
8. Managing and monitoring of refounds and other export benefits.
9. In-house Customs clearance service.